Community Supported Agriculture

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Employees at both Cowlitz County and St. John’s Medical Center have taken advantage of Willow Grove Gardens’ Community Supported Agriculture program. Workplace wellness programs at each place have made it possible for boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables to be purchased and delivered to employees at work. Through the Cowlitz Fresh program, “shares” or variety boxes of fresh, organic produce are purchased and shared among the staff of the various county departments. About 40 employees also purchase their own share or half-share which they are able to take home. Similarly, 90 employees at St. John’s Medical Center have the fresh produce delivered to them throughout the 20-week growing season, having the price of the program deducted directly from their paychecks. Willow Grove Gardens offers the program to any community members. They can purchase an entire season’s worth of fresh produce, and then pick up the food either at the farm or at the Cowlitz County Farmer’s Market. The bags of fruit and vegetables vary by season and can be personalized to individual tastes.