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Why Do A Community Report Card?

This is the ninth Cowlitz County Community Report Card produced by Pathways 2020 since 1997. The report card gives the community a look at the data and trends that represent the health of our County. Some years the news is good and some years it is not so good. Overall, it has become a focal point to discuss and recognize the challenges and opportunities we have. If you don’t know where you been, you can’t determine where to go. The report card is used by students, advocates, nonprofits, civic organizations, and local government to help them develop strategic plans and programs for a healthier community. Please share our desire to eliminate health inequities for the individual and the community – read, react, and then act. It takes all of us working together to make a healthier County.

How the Report Card is Scored

With each report card, the Pathways 2020 Board of Directors has examined the conditions and awarded a “grade” for the data. In many ways this is a subjective determinant to understanding the community’s health and use of the data. Since 2013, the grades have been represented on a dashboard indicator based on the following criteria.

  • Progress made since the last report card
  • Comparison to Washington State indicators
  • Resources committed to addressing the issue
  • The community’s interest in change

Goals are measured against the current rate for Washington State. The overarching goal is to be statistically no worse than or better than the state.

Board of Directors

Chris Fritsch
Longview School District

Eric Yakovich
Port of Kalama

Larry Russell
Love INC

Dave Vorse, Director
Castle Rock Public Works

JD Rossetti
Rep. Brain Blake

Michael O’Neill
Cowlitz County Health and Human Services Department

Grover Laseke
Woodland Mayor

Chere Weiss

Mary Jane Melink
The Health Care Foundation

Lisa Matye Edwards
Lower Columbia College

Bob Gregory
Retired Longview City Manager

Mike Karnofski
Cowlitz County Commissioner

Ilona Kerby
Lower Columbia Community Action Program

Steve Taylor
Kelso City Manager

Teresa Beck
Kaiser Permanente

Mark Nelson
Cowlitz County Sheriff

Ron Junker
Cowlitz County Public Works

Dian Cooper
Cowlitz Family Health Center

Jim Sherrill
Cowlitz Tribal Health Services

Dave Campbell
Longview City Manager

2017 Acknowledgements

Pathways 2020 Community Resource Committee:

Dian Cooper, Chair                          Cowlitz Family Health Center

Chris Fritsch                                        Longview School District

Wendy Hall                                         Lower Columbia College

Suzanne Holmes                              Washington State Council on Aging

Ilona Kerby                                         Lower Columbia Community Action Program

Dawn Maloney                                 Youth and Family Link

Tina Mc Cully                                      Area Agency on Aging and Disabilities of Southwest Washington

Mark Nelson                                      Cowlitz County Sheriff

Michael O’Neill                                 Cowlitz County Health and Human Services

Jayson Rogen                                    Technalytix Web Services

Amber Rosewood                           Cowlitz Family Health Center

Chris Skaugset                                   Longview Public Library

Melissa Taylor                                   Cowlitz-Wahkiakum Council of Governments

Keri Verhei                                         onthemark associates

Chere Weiss                                       PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center

Joelle Wilson                                      Cowlitz Economic Development Council

Paul Youmans                                    Pathways 2020

We would especially like to thank the following individuals for their assistance during this project:

Dawn Maloney

Michelle Grendahl

Gayle Reid

Jayson Rogen

Melissa Taylor

Keri Verhei

Joelle Wilson