Lower Columbia School Gardens

Donating to Lower Columbia School Gardens became a bit easier once it became a nonprofit organization, meaning financial contributions are tax deductible. LCSG ‘s team of staff and volunteers helped create and maintain thirteen school gardens, totaling over 100,000 sq. ft. in 2014, as well as smaller projects at other schools.

Community Supported Agriculture

Employees at both Cowlitz County and St. John’s Medical Center have taken advantage of Willow Grove Gardens’ Community Supported Agriculture program. Workplace wellness programs at each place have made it possible for boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables to be purchased and delivered to employees at work. Through the Cowlitz Fresh program, “shares” or variety boxes of fresh, organic produce are purchased and shared among the staff of the various county departments. About 40 employees also purchase their own share or half-share which they are able to take home. Similarly, 90 employees at St.

St. John’s Medical Center

A larger selection of appealing, healthy food options have been added to the menu of ParkLake Café at St. John’s Medical Center, making it easier for visitors and staff to make healthy decisions. Fried foods, such as burgers or chicken, have been replaced with baked or grilled options and more freshly prepared foods are available. Whole grains, fresh fruit cups, made to order salads, both fresh and steamed veggies, vegan and low-fat options are now more plentiful. Healthier options can also be found in the vending machines.