Crime Rate

In recent years the method of measuring the crime rate has changed. This makes it difficult to compare with previous years. However in conversation with local chiefs of police it is very clear they are seeing a downward trend in most rates of crime. Goal: ≤ state rate

Domestic Violence Offenses

For many years Cowlitz County’s rate of domestic violence offenses has been higher than the rate for the state. Local advocates look to the stresses arising from the current economy, mental health, or drug and alcohol problems for the most recent increase. This however, cannot justify the level of family violence. Goal: ≤ state rate

Adult Drug/Alcohol Law Violations

Arrests for drug and alcohol violations is a symptom of the problem facing Cowlitz County and other communities. Again, this is not a victimless crime and recovery is hard and expensive. Drug and alcohol abuse can lead to a shorter life expectancy. Goal: ≤ state rate